Monday, January 10, 2011

Loving Laundry

I've always been frustrated by my laundry room, however over the past few months every time I enter this space, I have noticed that I am picturing all of the different things that I could do to it to make it fantastic. Just a few words to describe my laundry experience - uninspiring, uninviting and plain old ugly! 

SO... my plan is give my laundry room a makeover! I've come across some really great designs and wanted to share my inspiration and hope that soon my laundry room will look like this. There are some great ideas, and fresh looks. I've stuck to smaller spaces as mine is also small. Enjoy.

Canadian House & Home
 This is a great usage of space and colour in this laundry room. The colour really give the room punch and keeps it fresh and fun. The back splash adds a modern and clean look which is also helped by the clean lines of the shelves and tiles. You will also notice everything in the space is nicely balanced on each wall. I should also point out that the flooring that they have selected ( over sized tiles ) gives the impression that the room is larger. A little trick of the trade.
Canadian House & Home
 Great room for storage. Floor to ceiling cabinets utilize all of the space and hides clutter. Again we see a back splash being used keeping the space looking very clean. A counter above the washer and dryer provide extra working space and allow you to do more with your area, should you need too.
Canadian House & Home
This laundry room also acts as a tool or craft room. Everything is easily accessible, organized and very functional for that do it yourselfer.  There is ample amounts of storage and I like that they have added depth to the room by adding the patterned rug.

Canadian House & Home
 I absolutely LOVE this design. It is such a fresh and happy space! Who wouldn't love doing laundry in this space. There is a TONE of room to do your laundry, and store other house hold items away in. The runner goes perfectly adding that cottage feel and also helps to lead you through the space.
Canadian House & Home
Great utilization of a space. Despite it being a lower ceiling it still feels very open. It's clean and simple but does the job. I like that they have leaned the picture frames behind the work area to provide a less formal look of the space.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I was never really an advocate of wall paper when I started getting into design. I think it was mostly due to the fact that the designs 5+ years ago were very limited and directed at a select crowd. Today however, the variety of fantastic patterns and prints available is endless. Wall paper has really turned around, and is playing a big part in new designs, whether it be throughout a entire room or just as an accent. If you have given up on wall paper, I highly recommend giving it another chance and seeing what’s out there. I believe that you will be pleasantly surprised!
Keep in mind, that this can be a quick change to a room that needs a makeover, and that it can be done on a budget. It will look great, and your friends will be impressed with decorating choice.  

By Amy Butler

By Antonia Vella

By Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen


By Stacy Garcia